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Hello.  Sunshine and raviolis are two of my favorite things in this lovely little world.  Technology and anything considered to be futuristic (so what if I still find the internet futuristic) are not of interest to me.  But alas, here I am, making a website to share with anyone who cares to read it.



I spend a considerable amount of time thinking and learning about food, plenty of time cooking it, and way too much time eating it.  What was once a demon in my life, I found the more time I spent discovering it, the easier it became to love all things food. 



As an avidly obsessed home cook, this site will mostly be dedicated to cooking, eating and celebrating good eats, although every so often readers will get to indulge in my highly insignificant opinions about other happenings I fall upon.  Feel free to enjoy, disagree or ignore.



About the "author"



Christine Caltabiano grew up in Philadelphia.  She received a BA in Painting with a minor in Art History from Penn State University.  Things that seem normal to her are punkrock, tattoos, and living life in a way that sniffs out unexpected gems of excitement.  She likes bunnies, banjo music and probably any beach on Earth.  She doesn't like khakis, pretentiousness or loud talkers in quiet places.



Christine has lived in New York for almost nine years, spending the last five in Brooklyn, which she loves.  She adores her insanely happy puppies, Peanut and Archie, and is thankful that her funny and attractive husband likes to travel as much as she does.

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